You love animals, you have a better idea of how to get the right job but...
What's it like working in animal care?

Laura Animal Care Assistant

"When I was at school I always knew I wanted to eventually work with animals, I think it comes from the fact that when I was a little girl we always seemed to have a lot of pets around the house, a couple of cats Pepper and Princess (who always had a bit of a strained relationship... they didn't like each other much), and a big old English sheepdog called Barney who just loved to run and run in the park not far from our home.

Growing up I would never understand the cruelty that I'd sometimes read in the papers and see on TV. I still don't. But at least now I can try and make a difference.

I've been an animal care assistant for just under 2 years now and it's been a very colourful, varied role. There are times when it can be a little hard to motivate yourself to get up from a cosy warm bed when you know that you have to do a lot of work outside and it's raining heavily, but the sense of satisfaction that I get in knowing that I am doing something worthwhile, that makes a difference to the lives of animals dissolves that feeling and replaces it with something that everyone should have... purpose."

Ideal courses for becoming an Animal Care Assistant

John Animal Collection Officer

"Ive been doing this job for 5 years and it demands different skills. It certainly requires more than I had originally thought. Like everyone else I work with, I love animals and the idea of helping them from bad situations appealed to me but every time I get called out I never know what I am going to find.

Sometimes it can get distressing and it is necessary to focus on the job at hand. An animal may be in distress, pain, probably a combination of the two. Additionally sometimes an animal have a distrust of people owing to the cruel treatment it may have received from someone else.

The story that sticks in my mind though, is one of the first cases I was involved with. I was called out to an old barn to find three puppies and their mother that had been abandoned. The three young puppies were only a few days old and were quite healthy, but the mother was in a poor state with skin that had been aggravated by fleas, with bruising on her chest. She generally seemed quite weak. While this isnt anywhere near the worst thing Ive seen, I remember this because it had a happy ending, I was pleased that the mother and puppies were kept together and looked after by the farmer who had reported them to us, so after wed tended to her minor injuries - Lucy and her puppies: Larry, Curly and Mo got to live with a family that have been taking great care of them and the puppies have a lot of land to play on."