Image of 4 Reasons why you should kick-start your career in counselling

4 Reasons why you should kick-start your career in counselling

Are you interested in beginning a career in counselling? Do you want to make a difference to other people’s lives and increase your earning potential? Then take a look at these 4 reasons why you should:


The main duty of a counsellor is to listen to people’s problems and concerns and try and help them see things more clearly. It’s a career in which you can make a difference to someone’s life and help them change for the better. So, it can be very rewarding.

Generous salaries

When you become a professional counsellor, you can earn up to £47,000 a year. So if you want to maximise your earning potential, a job this field is perfect for you.

Range of career opportunities

A career in counselling can open-up many job opportunities including careers as a counsellor, clinical psychologist, family support worker, life coach and cognitive behavioural therapist. So finding an area in something you enjoy is easy.

Meet new people

Meeting new people on a daily basis means that you get to build rapports with others. A relationship of trust with your client is essential in becoming a successful counsellor, especially if you want them to open up to you. Without gaining a greater understanding of the individual it is impossible for you to improve their situation.
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4 Reasons why you should kick-start your career in counselling

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