We think everyday should be Love Your Pet Day!

Did you know that today is Love Your Pet Day? At Open Study College we don't need a special day to show our pets the love they deserve, but it's a great excuse to celebrate how great they are and give them their own moment in the spotlight!

Starting with the dogs...

Love Your Pet Day - brown and white Jack Russell terrier lying on a rug

Jack Russell Jakey has recently been through a big operation, but is now back at home looking after his human Tracy, who works in the Open Study College Accounts Department.

Look at Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tilly, posing for this photograph! Tilly's human is Stephanie, who's one of our credit controllers here at Open Study College.

Love Your Pet Day - light brown and white Shih Tzu lying in fur dog bed

Shih Tzu Louie wins the competition for "most comfortable looking dog" though! Look at him all curled up in his bed! Louie looks after humans Shawna and Scott - Director of College Services and Head of Telesales respectively - and their baby boy Joey.

Now for the cats!

Love Your Pet Day - black and white cat looking at the camera
This black and white cutie is Kaydee, who belongs to Mark from our Student Adviser team. You may have spoken to Mark if you've been enquiring about or enrolling on a course. He's always happy to help, so give him a call!
Love Your Pet Day - fluffy grey and white cat lying on side with eyes closed
Student services administrator Callum shared this little fluff ball; Luna. Callum is on hand to help our students with any queries or support they may need, and he's responsible for putting together and sending out study packs to our newly enrolled students.
Love Your Pet Day - grey and white with paw covering eyes
It was difficult for us to choose our favourite picture of Marble, but this one was too cute not to feature! Marble belongs to our CACHE course manager Zoe, and we think you'll agree she's a cutie (the cat, not Zoe!)
Love Your Pet Day - black, white and ginger cat lying on a checked blanket
If this picture of Fluffy doesn't make you want to be curled up at home in a blanket, then you're stronger than we are! Fluffy belongs to our Academic Development Coordinator Jasmine.

Love Your Pet Day - British ble cat on left and grey toirtoiseshell on right, both looking at the camera

Double trouble for our final cat pictures - how beautiful are Alfie (left) and Freddie (right)? Alfie is a British Blue, and Freddie is a British Shorthair, and they both belong to our CEO Samantha Rutter.

And, last but not least, the "others"

Love Your Pet Day - small green parrotlet with reflection in mirror
Teeny tiny Apple is a Parrotlet. Can you guess how she got her name? Look at that gorgeous colour! Apple belongs to Senior Student Services Adviser Rebecca. Again you may have spoken to Rebecca with any student queries, and she's always on hand to help.
Love Your Pet Day - light brown rabbit with long floppy ears in cage
If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you may have already seen dwarf lop eared bunny Millie, who was our not-so-white rabbit for the first of the month! Millie belongs to our Marketing & PR Coordinator Sharnie.

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We think everyday should be Love Your Pet Day!